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Harninder Kallam – Advanced Reflexologist

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

This treatment concentrates on relieving stress and congestion in the head and shoulder areas, so often the place where we hold our tension. It reduces pain and increases mobility in the neck & shoulders. There's something very special about combining IHM with a reflexology treatment, customers often report feeling taller and more complete!

The client remains fully clothed and is seated, massage and pressure point techniques are then used on the shoulders, arms, neck, head, face and ears. the result is a great feeling of calm and relaxation. This is excellent in treating insomnia, anxiety, mental fatigue, migraine and tension headaches. Used in conjunction with the essential oils, it can help many scalp conditions.

A course of treatment will depend entirely upon your needs and will be discussed at the initial consultation, but once your body is in balance, it is advisable to maintain your health and well being with a regular treatment at an interval to suit you.

Each appointment time quoted allows for time to review your last treatment, your needs for the treatment that day, the treatment and time to relax at the end. There is no rush, our overall aim being to provide you with an ‘oasis’ in which to unwind and escape the pressures of day to day living, whilst giving restorative care to your body.